Summer School 2016 Escap French Riviera

Make it in Design - SUMMER SCHOOL (part 1)

Aquest són alguns dels estampats que vaig dissenyar durant el curs d'estiu a l'escola de disseny d'Anglaterra Make it in Design
Last summer I took summer school course at make it in design and I enjoyed it so much. It helps me develope my own style and I try different techniques for my patterns.

I was experimenting with carved stamps this time and mini pattern collection was the final result. The main theme was the Escap French Riviera and the colour palette provided could not be more beautiful ;)

handcarved stamp by Alexandra Bordallo @alextilalila
Here it is my original hand carved stamp. It was my starting point and I developed the whole collection from it. I've been digitizing and applying colours in adobe illustrator.

work in progress by @alextilalila designs

"geometric sea" by @alextilalila 

"boat trip" print by @alextilalila 

"stamping fun" by @alextilalila 

"timber ship" by @alextilalila 

"sunny days at the sea" by @alextilalila 

I would like to license this collection with a fabric company someday. I think that will be so cute for sewing for kids.

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Alexandra @alextilalila

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