From Sketches to Pattern: Tribal Bear Collection

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I am so excited to anounce that few months ago I joined Pattern Jam as independent designer. My "Tribal Bear" collection is available to create customized quilts and ready to quilt panels on their site. They recently open a fabric shop and they are now on sale by meter. How great it is? I can't even believe! I created these patterns during Module 2 at "Make it in Design" school. Here are some of my initial sketches.

You can find more pictures of my "Tribal Bear" fabric collection at my Instagram account here #tribalbearfabrics and #tribalbearcollection.

Drawing a bear by @alextilalila

Sketches by @alextilalila
I started drawing some bears and I take inspiration from books at home about native indian american tribes.
Sketches by @alextilalila #tribalbearfabrics

Sketches by @alextilalila #tribalbearfabrics

These are a few prints of "Tribal Bear" collection by me!!

Few prints of my "Tribal Bear" collection by @alextilalila

"Dancing Feathers" by @alextilalila

"Tribal Bear" main print by @alextilalila

by @alextilalila

"Tribal Bear" collection colourway 2 by @alextilalila

Tribal Bear collection colourway 3 by @alextilalila

You can find me at Pattern Jam as Alexandra Bordallo. You can joined for free at 
It is so much fun playing around there and create beautiful quilts. I already create several quilts using my own fabrics and I fall in love with it. It is a great feeling seeing my designs turned into quilts!! And it is even better when I see other people using them to customized their quilts!! 

Here are few quilts I designed at

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