SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection: moodboard inspiration

SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection

Estic treballant en el disseny d'una nova col.lecció d'estampats, arrel d'un curs intensiu a la web Skillshare amb una de les dissenyadores d'estampats que més m'agraden, l'Elizabeth Olwen. Per tal de buscar inspiració per a començar a dibuixar, he creat un panell amb un recull de imatges de flors que he trobat a Instagram, així com també dissenys i il·lustracions de dissenyadores que m'agraden.

I am working in a new collection since a took the Elizabeth Olwen's 2 weeks workshop at Skillshare (Pattern Design I: Creating Inspiring Repeats). She is one of my favorites surface pattern designers and also a great teacher. I want to share the first assigment that I made for the course: 
Phase 1: Inspiration
Here is my moodboard. I named this collection SWEET "rainy" JUNE because it reminds me when my 18 months son was born last June 2014:
1. The day we meet him for the first time ever, it was the SWEETEST day in my enterly lifeThe moment we meet him for the first time ever, was the SWEETEST moment in my life until now (then it came a full pack of weird new feelings and contradictions, we are learning how to being parents...)
2. It was a really rainy summer, truly!! ;))
I'd like to create a collection inspired by his sweet and curious soul, and how our life has changed since we meet him. 
To create a moodboard I pick some floral pictures to find colour palette inspiration. I took some of these pictures, and also picked some from instagram and pinterest searching (I love these apps so much to get inspired!!). 
I draw some sketches and try to make a list of words, feelings and memories from these past 18 month of my life, full of happiness, love and new sensations, but also confusion, insecurity and big changes in life priorities. 

Moodboard inspiration by @alextilalila
I want to include some pictures that I found in Instagram to get inspiration and pick up colours to help me choose the colour palette.  Also, I included some patterns and illustrations from some of my favorite artists: Bethan Janine, Flora Waycott. I am so in love with their work, sweet and colourful designs. Look at their illustrations is really inspiring. I share them here again, so you can appreciate the details!! 
Nature Trail by Bethan Janine for Dashwood Studio
Nature Trail by Bethan Janine for Dashwood Studio
Nature Trail by Bethan Janine for Dashwood Studio
Flora Waycott's Global Talent Search 2014 submission

By Flora Waycott 

By Flora Waycott
I would like to share Susan Driscoll desigs that I love (but I can't include them on my class moodboard). I adore her work too and her last fabric collection for Dashwood Studio, called Cotton Candy, is absolutly gorgeous. 

Cotton Candy collection by Susan Driscoll for Dashwood Studio
Cotton Candy collection by Susan Driscoll for Dashwood Studio
Cotton Candy collection by Susan Driscoll for Dashwood Studio
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy my moodboard inspiration. I'll post Phase 2: Drawing and Digitizing soon. 


Alex ;)