SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection: MAIN PATTERN

SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection

 Phase 3: Working on main patterns

I started working on a main pattern with my tiny birdies and tipis motifs. I like include as much as I can and that people who look the pattern feel like are there a lots of things in to get lost looking at it. I am not sure about the colour again, but I try to create something that I feel drawn to it.

And then I build another pattern, playing with all the leaves and flowers I've been drawing. I named this pattern Forest Treasures because it reminds me when we go to the forest, with our little guy, and we find there beautiful tiny treasures and discover all the amazing shapes and textures in the forest.

"Forest Treasures" by @alextilalila 
"Sunshine at Forest" by @alextilalila 

Here is another colourway. It was the first design I created of the "Forest Treasures" version. I named it "Sunshine at Forest". These are available to purchase at my Redbubble shop, Alextilalila. They are quite different but I love the two versions
You can find them as tote bags, pouches, notebooks, mugs and other goodies.
Find them here:

"Forest Treasures" at Redbubble

- "Sunshine at Forest" at Redbubble
"Forest Treasures" by @alextilalila 
Thanks for reading. I'll post Phase 4: Working on a Main pattern soon. You Can take a look at my last post about my new collection SWEET "rainy" JUNE:

Phase 1: Inspiration 
Phase 2 Drawing and Digitizing 
- Phase 3: Building patterns

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