SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection: Drawing and Digitizing

SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection

     Fase 2 del procés creatiu: dibuixar i digitalitzar els dibuixos

Quan dibuixo sempre ho faig primer amb llapis i llavors ho passo a net amb tinta negre, perquè si m'equivoco, o dibuixo una cosa que no m'agrada, ho puc borrar. Però aquesta vegada he dibuixat directament amb un bolígraf i un retolador negre. A continuació he penjat les pàgines escanejades directament des del meu bloc de dibuix.

     Phase 2: Drawing and Digitizing

These are some of my sketches from my sketchbook. I'd like to include in my collection some floral drawings and  geometric shapes too. I've been drawing trees and birds because my little boy love them. This time I tried to put myself out of my comfort zone:

1. I've been drawing directly with my ink pen and brushes (not use my pencil and erase at all)
2. I've been drawing animals for the first time ever!!! ;)
by @alextilalila #alextilaliladesigns

by @alextilalila #alextilaliladesigns
by @alextilalila #alextilaliladesigns
After sketching it is time to digitize my drawings in Adobe illustrator using my wacom tablet... It has been a long time to redrawing all of these sketches with the blob brush tool again. I paint them randomly while I am drawing them (these are not the final colours) When it is done, I start picking up colours that I feel drawn to and I start paint them and create patterns. Fun, fun, fun!!! It's so exciting see all these motifs come alive... I love these birdies, they look so cute and I am pretty proud of them (it's my first time drawing animals!! yay!)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy my moodboard inspiration. I'll post Phase 2: Building patterns soon. You can take a look at my last post Phase 1: Inspiration


Alex ;) 
     wish you a happy creative day!!