SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection: Building patterns

SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection

 Phase 3: Building patterns

First, I want to share how my workspace look like. I am working on my first pattern for this new collection and I don't know where this is going... I'd like to include some flowers, but I am not sure if they are going to look nice. 
I am working with my colour palette already, but the motifs are painted randomly again, I never choose the final colourway until I have my pattern done, it's just my way to work! What do you do at this stage? Choose first the colours of the motifs or at the end?

Work in progress by @alextilalila #alextilaliladesigns

After a few hours digitizing and playing with the motifs that I feel drawn to, I got my first pattern and I am pretty happy with it. I leave my tiny birdies behind and started playing with some leaves.
I named this one WILD FOREST LEAVES and this will be a secondary pattern maybe... 
This is the pattern box with all the motifs on the right, and also the original doodles at the bottom. I included the colour palette in these tiny lovely flowers below the name of the collection. Hope you like it!! (such an amazing feeling to see all the doodles come to live and turn into patterns ;))

And here is my final patter with other two colourways:

Thanks for reading. I'll post Phase 4: Working on a Main pattern soon. You can take a look at my last post about my new collection SWEET "rainy" JUNE:

Phase 1: Inspiration 
Phase 2 Building patterns: Drawing and Digitizing 


Alex ;) 
     wish you a happy creative week!!